On 21st May 2014, Equitopia closed its doors. There were many reasons for its closure, the main being the usual lack of time/money and the sudden and untimely death of our beloved admin MommaVal #2. After losing Val, who was such an important and pivotal team member from the very beginning, I simply don't have the energy or motivation required to continue on my own. Not at the moment anyway.
Towards the end there were only a few loyal players that regularly logged in, nowhere near enough to justify its continued opening. But I hope those of you that did login at some point had a few hours of enjoyment playing Equitopia.
Maybe we will be back oneday in the future, I will be keeping all the code and data safe so never say never........but for now Equitopia is no more.
I would like to wish all the past players the very best in life and I hope you have many more hours of fun playing the games you love.
All that leaves me to say is thank you and goodbye.
Lots of love, Saffii and King Abraxas.