On 21st May 2014, Equitopia closed its doors as a browser game. Some of you will remember it, may have even played.
Unfortunately, in this day and age of gaming, we could not compete with the professionals and although I would love to be able to have the time to run the game again, it's just not possible.
I am now a Mum to 2 daughters, we have 5 horses and a very busy life, but Equitopia and its players will always hold a place in my heart. I do miss talking to you and seeing your latest foals!
I have set up a new business to enable me to work from home, which does not take the time a game would, so I will be incorportaing some of the Equids into these designs, and therefore using Equitopia's name. So you may see the name around and about. It's still me, it's still Equitopia but being used in the only way I can manage now.
I hope life is treating you all well and you are all still riding your dreams! Lots of love, Saffii.
Updated 5th July 2018
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